Vidhi Pandya on finding love in Bigg Boss 15 house: I’m not up for a time pass relationship


Just before stepping into the Bigg Boss 15 house, contestant Vidhi Pandya shared the advice her parents gave to her. Speaking to a leading daily, she also spoke about how she is not open to a relationship inside the house and has her set of reservations.
Vidhi told ETimes that her family has always been supportive of her decisions. They had told her to be how she is in real-life. Vidhi’s mother had asked her to not do anything for the camera. However, her brother was scared and in fact told her not to do it. However, the actress convinced him that it might be a good decision for her career and thus he understood. 
Talking about finding love in the Bigg Boss 15 house, Vidhi shared that it is a strict no-no for her, “I don’t believe that love can happen in the Bigg Boss house. It is a human behaviour to get attracted to someone, to get emotionally attached to somebody especially when you are in isolation. I know it is not in your control. You can’t control the feelings. But I also know for the fact that many people come inside the house just to have an affair so that they are visible. They have this mindset that they will get hooked up to a girl or a boy, that is their strategy to survive in the show. And if ever I get attached to someone, I will never show to anyone or share about it because I would want to see how it goes in the outside world. I am not saying that there are no genuine relationships inside the house. But I would prefer to not get into any relationship inside the house. I would make many friends in the house,” Vidhi said.
Vidhi also added that she is not up for time pass relationships, “I am a very introvert and simple person. If you ever see my Instagram you will ever find anything controversial or loud. You will never find too much about my life on social media. I don’t upload too many pictures from my personal life. Like if we celebrate birthdays or anything, I don’t post pics. I have my reservations. I am off that way. I always wanted to keep my personal and professional life separate until Bigg Boss happened. Getting into a relationship is a very big thing for me and I am not up for a time pass relationship. If I don’t see marriage, I would never entertain that guy or person. My intention would be to get married to a person whom I date,” she said.

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