TMKOC, 13th October 2021, Written Update: Tapu Sena’s parents meet


In today’s episode, on Madhvi’s insistence, Bhide calls Abdul. Abdul follows Tapu Sena and updates Bhide on their movement. Haathi arrives at Bhide’s residence with his wife. Madhvi says Tapu Sena has made a very big mistake. Then, Sodhi and his wife enter. Madhvi requests that they wait for Jethalal before proceeding with the issue. 
Jethalal dials Bhide’s number and asks him to send the courier boy downstairs to check the parcel and return to the shop in the same vehicle. Bhide fabricates the courier boy’s refusal to come down because he is eating snacks.
Jethalal inquires about the parcel since he has to get back to the shop as soon as possible. Bhide reveals that no package from London has arrived. He claims he contacted him to inform him about Tapu’s wrongdoings. Sodhi wonders why he called all of them if Tapu committed a mistake. Tapu Sena, according to Bhide, has stolen 35,000/- from his account. The parents say they’ll pay him equally. Bhide claims that it is not required because he has received his cheque. Madhvi discusses everything in detail. Tapu Sena’s parents become aware of their lies. Jethalal questions Bhide about why he didn’t intervene before Tapu Sena commits another mistake. Bhide and Jethalal fight.
Madhvi requests Bhide to apologise to Jethalal. Bhide apologises, and Madhvi says it’s time to teach Tapu Sena a lesson and get them back on track. When Abdul notices the Tapu Sena approaching the moneylender shop, he notifies Bhide of the situation. Parents become concerned.
Tapu Sena goes to the moneylender. They take a loan, mortgage the laptop. Goli gets emotional. They take the cash and pass the laptop over to the moneylender. Abdul notifies Bhide about the situation.
Stay tuned to find out what happens next.

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