THROWBACK: When TWICE alum Chaeyoung opened up about self image issues; Said ‘it’s cool to be natural’

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We’re looking back at September 2019 when TWICE alum Chaeyoung spoke to GQ Korea and opened up about her style, having confidence, and much more. Commenting on the force looks of the shoot, the singer stated: “Even though I’m the youngest in TWICE and have a cute image because I debuted at a young age, I think I suit a strong image like this as well.”


Talking about self-expression, she said, “To me, freedom is expressing what you want to express.” She continued, “Just as Kristen Stewart wore Converse shoes with her dress at the Cannes Film Festival, I also want to become someone who breaks the unspoken rules. Some people think of idols as just pretty and cute people with lots of aegyo, but I want to expand that image. This image, that image, they can all be considered idols, and I think that can be expressed in different ways.”


Talking about self-image, Chaeyoung said: “Because I have a job that’s based on appearance, sometimes I feel bloated or I have some things I don’t like. Sometimes I want to lose weight. But then I think, this is me, is there a reason for me to live while hiding these things? I always use those kind of lines when I’m writing lyrics. I prefer worn-down vintage clothes to new ones. I think it’s cool to be natural. So I’m going to have to be a cool person.”


When asked about how she would change her hair, she responded, “I’ve tried red, green, orange, pink, and blonde hair, but I think black hair suits me the best. I want to try a shorter bob this time. I like undercuts too, and I want to try shaving [my hair] off completely.”


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