The Tragedy of Macbeth: Twitterati laud Denzel Washington’s ‘superior acting’; Call it ‘film of the year’

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The cast in Joel Coen’s adaptation of The Tragedy of Macbeth is tremendously accomplished. Coen adds a surrealist style to the traditional Shakespearean drama, revitalizing it. The cast, who add new passion and fire to the play, match Coen’s outstanding direction.

Since its commencement, William Shakespeare’s original tragic drama, commonly referred to as Macbeth, has been reworked several times. In the narrative, the Scottish general Macbeth ruthlessly fulfills a prophecy that foretells his ascension to the throne of Scotland. Macbeth and his wife, Lady Macbeth, fall into dictatorship, violence, and insanity, driven crazy by guilt. Coen appears to want to embrace the dramatic, psychological parts of Macbeth, preparing his cast for great performances. The principal characters in this film are played by highly seasoned and distinguished performers, and even the minor highlighted roles are filled by excitingly skilled fresh talent. Scroll down to see how netizens on Twitter reacted:

#TheTragedyOfMacbeth stands next to Throne of Blood as the best version of MacBeth. Washington, McDormand, and Kathryn Hunter were all great. Joel Coen had a lot of fun with self imposed limitations. I can usually take or leave Shakespeare, but this was solid filmmaking.

— Atheist Son Of A Preacher Man (@TheNameIsDusty) January 14, 2022

The real stars of #TheTragedyOfMacbeth aren’t Denzel and Frances. The stars are light and shadow.

— ryancbrinson (@RyanCBrinson) January 14, 2022

#TheTragedyOfMacbeth wow

— gary (@splungekik) January 14, 2022

Film of the year. If not more than a few years #TheTragedyOfMacbeth

— Linda (@LinMiz) January 14, 2022

Just watched the last plot in movie and it is beautiful to watch #TheTragedyOfMacBeth

— Rex (@Mazmatig) January 14, 2022

Washington’s Macbeth is pretty damn good! The Tragedy of Macbeth is so brilliant. #TheTragedyOfMacbeth

— Tim Simmons (@TildaMoo) January 14, 2022

It’s the medieval setting, black and white cinema, and superior acting for me #TheTragedyOfMacbeth

— Nikita (@ms_kitabonita) January 14, 2022

#TheTragedyOfMacbeth on @AppleTV is cinema at its finest. The performances, the visuals, the sound design, just too much good stuff. One of my favourites of 2021. Ps: It adapts Shakespeare’s dialogue very closely so I’d recommend to watch it with subtitles on.

— Sayan Roy (@_thecinephile) January 14, 2022



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