Sanjjanaa Galrani refuses to undergo dope test; Says ‘I have a fundamental right to say no’

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As per a news report by Times Now, actress Sanjjanaa Galrani had reportedly refused to undergo a dope test. The news reports further go on to add that she told the authorities how her lawyer has informed her that it was her fundamental right to say no to doing a medical test. The news reports further go on to add that Sanjjanaa Galrani refused to undergo medical examination which reportedly is a part of the CCB’s investigation. The news update further states that Sanjjanaa Galrani created a ruckus while the authorities tried to take her medical test.

 The news reports add that the Central Crime Branch of Bengaluru has arrested actress Sanjjanaa Galrani with respect to the drugs racket being probed within the Kannada film industry. The news reports add that the actress clearly refused to give her blood sample for the dope test by saying that she is still not sure as to why she has been brought there. The news update by Times Now, also states that by initially saying no to the dope test, the actress ultimately had to undergo one as it was part of the procedure. The actress reportedly said that she has lost complete faith in the police after her arrest. 

Furthermore, Sanjjanaa Galrani reportedly said that even if she gave her blood samples, I wouldn’t believe that it is mine. She went on to add that she has done nothing wrong and nobody has found any proof against her. The actress makes it a point to mention that just because she spoke to someone, and that person spoke to somebody, it was not her fault.

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