Sanjay Dutt’s lawyer Rizwan Merchant on legality in Aryan Khan’s arrest: ‘The case is far from truth’

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In the recent past, Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. The star-kid was detained by the NCB during a drug bust on a cruise ship in Mumbai. Now, as Aryan’s bail plea is being heard in the court, Sanjay Dutt’s former lawyer has claimed that the case filed against him is ‘far from the truth’.
In an interaction with ETimes, senior advocate Rizwan Merchant who has previously represented Sanjay Dutt, called the entire operation of search ‘farce’. Going into details, the lawyer claimed how the Narcotics control agency only arrested 8 to 10 people under the guise of a rave party. However, he pointed out how the other 1800 people present on the ship were free to go. According to Rizwan Merchant, the NCB’s search of operation contains ‘ridiculous claims’.
He said, “The Narcotics Control Bureau’s (NCB) operation of search, WhatsApp chats and alleged seizures is a farce. Under the guise of a rave party, they claim to have entered the cruise and made seizures. This is far from the truth. Where does the NCB get finance of raising Rs 20-plus lakhs for purchasing 26 entry passes to the cruise at Rs 80,000 per pass? This is a ridiculous claim. They never entered the cruise. They started frisking and searching guests at the entry point to the cruise. You can’t have a rave party with trance music with just 8 people on the boat. Having allowed 1800 people to leave would mean that none of them had drugs on them. So you can’t have a rave party with just 8 to 10 people.”
While concluding his thought, Rizwan also told the portal that the ‘dishonest tricks’ played by the agency is only ‘belittling’ the central agency. He added, “These dishonest tricks belittle the reputation of a prime, Central Government agency, which was essentially formed for targeting drug traffickers and drug peddlers.” According to the latest development, Aryan Khan has been sent to judicial custody by the court. His bail plea that was heard today will be continued tomorrow on Thursday, October 14. Post which, it will be cleared if Aryan will be released on bail or the judicial custody will be continued.
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