Rashami Desai urges Indians to come together for the country as government bans TikTok and other apps; VIDEO


A lot has been going on in the country and amid the unrest between India and China, the government decided to ban TikTok and other Chinese apps, the list of which has been shared. The decision stems from the tension at the border and in order to ensure safety and sovereignty of the Indian cyberspace, the government had to take this decision. And now, everyone has been talking about it, but amid all of this, Rashami Desai has some more to add after all.

In a video of about over a minute, Rashami spoke about the unrest since the past one month and it is mentally disturbing for everyone but a lot of things have been happening in India and we aren’t paying attention towards it. She did add how even though we hear things, we did not bother to stop by and think about it. She spoke about how the government had to take the decision of banning Chinese apps and highlighted how there are people who are busy in activities that can be done later. 

Check out Rashami Desai’s video here:

Can we be a responsible citizen and support the current situation instead of just playing blame games and trolling one and other ? #LetsBeUnited #India #ProudIndian #SupportIndia #ThisTooShallPass pic.twitter.com/zD16dZV9xD

— Rashami Desai (@TheRashamiDesai) June 29, 2020

She added how we need to think about it because these are the real heroes we are talking about and how even after doing so much, they barely get anything in return, and often, they don’t even get the respect they deserve. She concluded by saying that we must come together, if not for anyone, for our own selves.

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