Nima Denzongpa, 25 November 2021, Written Update: Mithali’s parents scold Suresh


In today’s episode, Tulika was scared of Nima and complained to Sunita about Nima’s rude behaviour. Sunita tells Tulika that she is worried about the protest which is going on outside. Many try to call Nima to tell her about the ongoing protest. Shiv informs Sia about the protests, while Sia worries for Nima who just left the house to go to the bank. Meanwhile, Suresh was searching for the necklace in the car. He finds Babita’s necklace there and calls her. She says that it’s a fake one and asks him to ignore it. She asks him to give it to any servant in the house. 
On the other hand, Nima got trapped in the protests while Sia and Shiv save her. Sia apologizes for her rude behavior and Nima asks her to let it go. After a while, Suman comes to Paras and asks him about Mithali and if he likes her or not. He says that he’s not into her. 
Suresh comes inside the house and thinks that he should find Aasha and prank her. Suresh gives the necklace to Aasha, lying that it’s costly and he wants to give it to Babita. He finds her looking at the necklace greedily and gets happy thinking that his plan is working. Aasha assures to give the necklace and leaves with it happily. Nima comes home with Sia where she apologizes and they both agree to not hide anything from each other. 
Sia reminds her about Kanchan forcing her to attend dinner but assures that she would find another way to reject it. Mithali’s parents visit the Goenkas and were really angry at Paras. Her parents behaved rudely and said what Paras said to their daughter. They told them that it was a shocker for everyone while Dinesh agrees to sort it out with Paras.
Her parents tell them that if anything wrong happens, then they will cut their ties with Babita. Dinesh consoles them that she’s aware of whatever happened he would have done something. Dinesh gets upset with Paras when Mithali’s parents leave. He calls Paras and tells him to come urgently. Paras cuts the call before listening to anything.
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