Kudumbavilakku, November 25, 2021, Written Update: Sidharth slaps Anirudh


As the episode starts, Sidharth finishes his dinner and he sees Sumithra clean up his leftovers. Just as they look into each other, Anirudh bursts into the house and confronts Sumithra. He questions Sumithra’s relationship with Rohit. Sidharth tries to calm Anirudh down and Shivadas asks him why he is questioning Rohit all of a sudden. Anirudh crosses his line and accuses Sumithra of being Rohit’s lover and Sidharth slaps him.
Sidharth reminds him that he is talking to his mother. He reminds him of the sacrifices that Sumithra has made for her children and tells him there is no need for doubting Sumithra.
Vedhika is having unrest thinking about Sidharth and Sumithra. She calls him but Sidharth rejects her call. Finally, when he picks her call, Vedhika asks him if he is spending the night at Sumithra’s house. Sidharth informs her she doesn’t have any right in his life and he will live as he wants. Vedhika reminds him that she even left his child behind to live a life with him. Sidharth tells her she wouldn’t have behaved like she did if she had that realization. Vedhika warns Sidharth he better not be hoping to get back to Sumithra and reminds him who she really is.
Vedhika seeks Sharanya’s help in getting back with Sidharth. Sharanya asks her to calm down and assures her that they will find a way out. Vedhika informs her that she has already made up a plan and she will be doing it. Sreekumar who overhears Sharanya’s conversation asks her to quit trying to help Vedhika as Sidharth won’t be taking her back.
As the episode ends, Ananya returns home from work, to find that Anirudh is really upset and she asks Sumithra what happened. Sumithra is hesitant to tell her but Ananya asks her why she visited the hospital MD along with Rohit.
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