Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 3, 2 August 2021, Written Update: Sonakshi finds Ishwari’s truth


In today’s episode, Dev convinces Ayush’s grandfather to sign adoption paperwork by explaining to him the difficulty in getting Ayush admitted to the school. After listening to him, Mr. Verma, Ayush’s grandfather agrees and says he would sign the documents, but Ayush enters the room while they are debating this and questions Dev. However, Dev lies to him and claims that he was discussing school papers, but Ayush objects and says that he knows they were talking about adoption papers.
After that, Sonakshi tells him that they were discussing adoption papers. Aayush insists that his name is Aayushman Rohit Verma and they cannot be his parents. Ayush adds, “You guys are making me a fool, and you promised me that you wouldn’t push me to call you Mummy and Papa,” to Sonakshi and Dev. 
On the other hand, Sonakshi goes to Elena’s house to pick Suhana but instead, she finds Elena’s chat with her secret admirer on her laptop. Worried about Elena, Sonakshi questions her and asks what will she do if this person turns out to be a pervert. But Elena diverts the conversation and starts talking about Suhana, instead. In her conversation, Elena reveals Ishwari has sent Suhana here with Vicky so that Sonakshi and Ayush can spend some time together. At the end of the episode, Ayush and Suhana were making origami papers, but they heard Sonakshi and Dev arguing with each other about Ayush.
Stay tuned to know what’s ahead.
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