Jonah Hill promotes body love with new ink; Says It’s for the kids who don’t take their shirt off at the pool

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Actor Jonah Hill recently showed off his brand new body ink! The 37-year-old actor recently took to Instagram to show off his new tattoo which promotes and celebrates the power of body positivity. “BODY LOVE,” Jonah captioned the image he posted on the social media platform. 


Pictured on the actor‘s upper right shoulder, Jonah’s tattoo reads “Body Love” inside a circle with the “rock on” hand sign, which is reminiscent of the Body Glove apparel company. Jonah‘s new tattoo followed a passionate essay about his personal body struggles after seeing shirtless images of him taken by paparazzi that were posted on a website.


The tattoo debuted with a heartfelt note reading: “I’m 37 and finally love and accept myself. This isn’t a ‘good for me’ post. And it’s definitely not a ‘feel bad for me post.’ It’s for the kids who don’t take their shirt off at the pool. Have fun. You’re wonderful and awesome and perfect. All my love. Oh and Daily Mail, not even you can take that smile from my face ;).” 


Last month, Jonah was mistaken for being 50! ​​Hill shared a photo of himself on social media which got a lot of traction over his caption. The actor posted the photo with the caption “50 and thriving,” even though Hill is only 37 years old. Jonah was just being ironic and poking fun at the phrase which is often used by people. In another post on his Instagram Stories, Jonah reacted after an outlet posted an article with the photo and said, “Jonah Hill says he’s ’50 and thriving’ – and fans are confused about his real age in dapper photo.” “Important news!” Jonah wrote with a crying laughing face emoji. Erin Foster wrote, “So, you’re not 50?” Justin Long said, “At least they’re not confused if you’re thriving or not.”


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