Hotel Transylvania: Transformania Twitter Review: Netizens hail Selena Gomez starrer movie as ‘awesome’

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It’s been a long time since Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation was released, since the fourth entry in the popular franchise was substantially delayed owing to the ongoing pandemic. Hotel Transylvania: Transformania is back with a bang, a substantial upgrade over its predecessor and a welcome addition to the franchise in terms of tone and subject matter. Hotel Transylvania: Transformania presents familiar characters in new roles, giving more heart to the franchise.

Brian Hull portrays the voice of Count “Drac” Dracula in the fourth Hotel Transylvania film, replacing Adam Sandler, who played the role in the first three films. Sandler’s abrupt departure from the franchise was announced in 2021, but the cause for his absence was never revealed. The switch was supposed to be the result of scheduling issues and compensation disagreements over a lower budget, although neither Sandler nor production company Sony acknowledged this. However, Hull’s Drac and his companions are mistakenly converted into humans as a consequence of Jonathan’s tinkering with Professor Van Helsing’s intriguing new creation in Hotel Transylvania 4. Drac and the pack are then compelled to discover a means to reverse the shift before it becomes permanent.

Without revealing too much, check out how netizens reacted:

After such a hard #week at work all I needed was to laugh. Thanks #HotelTransylvania 4 #transformania it always make my day funnier

— edwinaworld (@edwinaworld) January 14, 2022

#HotelTransylvania awesome

— Doğuş (@Dogus___) January 14, 2022

The #HotelTransylvania family is forever.

— Faruk Yamaç (@ardiickusu) January 14, 2022

Might be a bit late to stream. Watching the new #HotelTransylvania movie….I couldn’t wait…

— BabyBatBoobs (@BabyBatBitchass) January 14, 2022

#HotelTransylvania is by far my favorite movie series.

— clover. — (@trrashole) January 14, 2022

I finally watched #HotelTransylvaniaTransformania. And here’s what I got to say:

It’s still hard to accept that its the final movie of the Hotel Transylvania Franchise, but it’s a great movie.

So long #HotelTransylvania, the franchise may be over, but it will not be forgotten.

— Carl Angelo (@CarlAng49899694) January 14, 2022


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