Deepika Padukone recalls her struggle with depression: Felt like life had no meaning or purpose

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Content Warning: This article contains references to depression and mental health issues. 

Mental health is something that still remains under the wraps. But Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone is one such celebrity who has not only been vocal about mental health, but has also inspired many with her battle with depression. She recently spoke about her decision to open up on her struggles with depression in the public domain. 

The actress during a clubhouse session revealed that people around her made sure that her mental health issues were not disclosed in public and hence they were “scared” about which therapist to trust. Deepika said, “At that point, when I went through the entire experience, I felt like we were being extremely hush-hush about everything. We didn’t want my name to go out. We were scared about which therapist to reach out to and who’s going to keep this information confidential. At that point, I went with the flow because I wanted help.”

Deepika came across many questions when she reflected on how the whole thing went by and said, “I thought why did we handle it like this? And why were we trying to be quiet about it? Why can’t people know? Why shouldn’t people know that this is what I have been through. It also came from me wanting to try be as honest and authentic as possible.” The Ram Leela actress spoke about her depression to let people know that it’s okay to seek help. Deepika shared that her battle with depression started in 2014 and she felt ‘empty, directionless’ for days.

She said, “I remember waking up one morning with this strange feeling in my stomach and it’s a feeling I don’t remember having ever felt before. For days after that, I felt empty, directionless and it just felt life had no meaning or purpose. I couldn’t feel anything physically or emotionally. I just felt this void and it’s difficult to articulate to someone who hasn’t experienced it.” 

Deepika also gave her fans an insight into what her life is like after depression and called it a ‘before and after’ scenario. To ensure that she doesn’t slip back to depression, her focus remains on quality of sleep, nutrition, hydration and exercise, the Piku star concluded. 

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(If you need support or know someone who is struggling, please reach out to your nearest mental health specialist or speak to someone about it. There are several helplines available for the same.)

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