Bigg Boss 15: Rakhi Sawant says hubby Ritesh ‘doesn’t cuddle with her at night’


Bigg Boss 15 has been witnessing controversies ever since the show started. Among the wildcard entrants, Rakhi Sawant has been grabbing all the attention as she introduced her husband Ritesh for the first time on nation TV. Rakhi, who yesterday got into an ugly fight with Rajiv Adatia over kitchen duties, was seen sharing her feelings with him. 

In today’s episode, Rakhi was seen telling Rajiv that her husband Ritesh runs away from her and “doesn’t get touchy with her at all”. Rakhi says Ritesh is afraid of his parents as he says “they are watching”. After hearing this, Rajiv laughs at them and tells Ritesh to sleep close to Rakhi, to which Ritesh adds that his love is in his heart. Reacting to it, Rakhi quickly says “bring it out a little bit”. Rajiv hugs Rakhi and explains Ritesh to sleep like this with her. “He doesn’t even touch me,” complains Rakhi. Rajiv laughs and says, “I can’t be angry with Rakhi.”

On the other hand, Abhijeet was seen offering a song to Shamita and also said that he will help make a comeback after 15 years. Abhijeet said that if she wants they can both make a song. He further adds that he will cast himself in it. Rashmi asks Shamita if she’s fine working opposite Abhijeet Bhichukale. Abhijeet quickly said, “Arre woh toh chutti par hai 15 saal se main usko comeback mein laa raha hoon.” Shocked with it, Shamita says that she has not been enjoying holidays for last 15 years and she recently appeared in a web show. Abhijeet’s remark leaves Shamita and Rashmi in splits. 

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