Bigg Boss 15, 25 November 2021, Written Update: Neha Bhasin, Jay Bhanushali & Vishal Kotian evicted


In today’s episode, when everyone wakes up, they reach the kitchen to have breakfast. During this, contestants start fighting with each other about kitchen chores. Tejasswi was talking to Rajiv about breakfast. Nishant interrupts Tejasswi and Rajiv when they were talking about kitchen chores. Neha gets angry at them and shouts at Nishant. Karan interrupts them saying that they should calm down. Rajiv tells them that he does not want to talk to them now and leaves from there. Rajiv then goes to Umar and tells him about the rude behaviour of Neha. He tells him that even yesterday, when he was upset, Neha did not even come to console him.

After this, Bharti and Haarsh come to the Bigg Boss house. Everyone got happy seeing Bharti again in the house. Bharti told them that today, she and Haarsh will select contestants for elimination. Contestants got tense when they heard that Bharti and Haarsh are going to give them a task in which they will see their performance and then judge. 

The first task was very messy. Tejasswi came there and told Bigg Boss that she needs some medical support for her ears. Karan goes to Umar and asks him if he is okay or not. Neha was watching them silently. Karan and Vishal discuss what happened during the task. Vishal tries to interrupt Karan and Tejasswi during their talk. 

Bigg Boss announces that Rakhi Sawant is going to enter the house as a wild card. Everyone gets excited hearing this because Rakhi Sawant made the previous show so interesting. After this, Bharti announces the names of the evicted candidates, which were Neha Bhasin, Jay Bhanushali, and Vishal Kotian.

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