AM to PM: The unruffled routine for combination skin that will have your back on all days

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In a world full of skincare products, be a curious cat who doesn’t shut doors to learning. To follow a simple routine is easy but when you know it’s the quintessential one for your skin type, that’s when you can wait for the fruits to bear. While dry, acne and sensitive skin can straight-up provide answers to what you need to pay close attention to, combination skin is quite playful and lives in a different world of its own. 



Combination skin is an amalgamation of dry and oily skin so both hydration and cleansing are equally important. Look for dryness on cheeks, around the mouth area and under-eyes that’s a standard hub for dryness, and the excess sebum can be a little more in times of pandemic because the mask easily accumulates sweat and may block your pores. The grease can be easily spotted in your T-zone area. Make note of a stringent routine that does a good job at balancing out the requirements of both AM and PM and make the tweaks with the right ingredients. Consult a dermatologist if you have any doubts before you pick anything without a background check. Here are a few steps you can follow every day: 




1) Cleanse


Use a foam-based cleanser packed with antioxidants to free your skin from dirt and oil. Remember, start your day with a clean slate and end it the same. No letting your skin become a breeding ground for bacteria that clog up your pores and result in the formation of acne. 



2) Tone 



Toners can lend extended care of a cleanser to your skin and help hydrate, soothe and balance PH levels. So, pat a few drops of alcohol-free toner on your skin. 



3) Moisturise 



Forgetting to moisture equals heading out without a mask. Yes, moisturisation is so very important for your skin. Look for a lightweight texture and oil-free formula and gently spread it on a cleansed face. 



4) Sunscreen 



Sun’s out and so should be the SPF on your body. Look for a non-chalky formula and slather it on your body. 






1) Micellar water 



Wipe out all the makeup you had all day with cotton pads and cleansing water.



2) Cleanse 



Apply face wash to your face and gently use your fingertips to massage it onto your skin. This will remove all traces of makeup and gunk to help your skin breathe. 



3) Serum 



Use the one infused with BHA (salicylic acid, holy-grail for oily areas). Serums are used to target and treat the issues raised by your skin like acne, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, and age spots to name a few. Too much use too much serum. Dot the liquid onto your skin and do not over massage it. 



5) Moisturise 



For healthy skin, moisturisation is key. Seal your routine with a formula that prevents the woes of combination skin. 



Weekly tip: Give your skin a hydrating and cleansing dose with clay masks for a deep cleanse. 





Do you have a go-to skincare routine? Let us know in the comments below.


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